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Salivary Gland tumor Risk Factors

Because salivary gland cancer is a rare cancer, experts have not been able to draw very many conclusions about the possible causes.

  • History of radiation exposure
  • Gender: Cancer in the salivary glands is more common in men than women.
  • Age: Most people are in their 50s or 60s when diagnosed with salivary gland cancer.
  • Tobacco: Tobacco includes both smoking and smokeless tobacco (snuff and chewing tobacco).
  • Alcohol: There may also be a connection between drinking alcohol and salivary gland cancer, but the data is not conclusive.

Exposure to toxins in the workplace

  • Certain metals, such as nickel alloy dust
  • Certain minerals, including silica dust
  • Asbestos mining
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Rubber manufacturing
  • Woodworking

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