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salivary gland cancer surgery in Ahmedabad

Dr Supreet Bhatt is the leading head and neck cancer surgeon who has specialised in the treatment of salivary gland cancers and benign salivary gland tumors.
We offer our patients unparalleled skill in salivary cancer surgeries. We have extensive experience in complex surgeries for removing tumors of the parotid glands, submandibular glands, and other minor salivary glands.
Our surgical care team prioritizes preserving the facial nerve during surgery. We use meticulous surgical techniques and the most-advanced facial nerve monitoring technology. It helps them locate, work around and protect the facial nerve whenever possible.
We deliver Radiotherapy using the most-modern and most-precise methods available. We tailor them just for salivary gland tumors.
Our patients have access to the latest drug therapies.
Our imaging experts have vast experience in determining the type and extent of salivary gland cancer you may have.
When necessary, our plastic surgeons offer unique expertise in plastic surgery, which can help restore facial function and improve your appearance following salivary gland cancer surgery.
Our rehabilitation experts and speech pathologists design individualized treatment plans. They can help you manage problems with your speech, voice, swallowing, and other side effects of salivary gland tumors and their treatment.
Our team monitors you with follow-up care to guide your recovery.

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